9 Types of Water Filter Media, Explained

water filter media

It’s common knowledge that water filters remove bad tastes, smells, and contaminants from your water. But understanding how exactly filters do their work will make you a more informed buyer. And the best way to do that is by getting to know the materials (media) that your water will be filtered through. In this short … Read more

Express Water Elite RO Review

express water elite ro

Reverse osmosis (RO) filters offer an impressive level of filtration that can clean up even the nastiest water. But that often comes with a hefty price tag, and installation can be a bear. So if you’re looking to buy one, you want to know that you’re getting the best for your money — and this … Read more

Home Master Artesian Review

home master artesian

Among Home Master’s large catalog of reverse osmosis filters, the Artesian occupies a safe middle ground. It’s not as expensive as the more thorough Hydroperfection series, and it has fuller filtering capabilities than their basic TM series. Our team has researched, tested, and compared each of Home Master’s offerings to what’s available on the market … Read more

Clearly Filtered Under Sink Review

clearly filtered under sink

If you’re shopping around for an under sink water filter, the Clearly Filtered 3 stage system will no doubt grab your attention. At double the price of many of its competitors, can it really be worth the investment? That’s what our team is here to answer. By testing and examining dozens of under sink water … Read more

iSpring RCC7 Review

ispring rcc7

If your water is seriously cloudy and filled with hard minerals, a reverse osmosis (RO) system is the best way to go. But the sticker shock associated with most RO filters might keep you from buying one. The iSpring RCC7 reverse osmosis filtration system is one of the very few RO systems that’s affordable enough … Read more

Frizzlife MK99 Review

frizzlife mk99

Looking for an under sink water filter that won’t break the bank? Frizzlife’s MK99 might just do the trick. It’s pretty darned easy to install, and the filters last for around a year.  In our review of Frizzlife’s MK99, we’ve combined dozens of hours of research with testing and comparison. And we’re here to share … Read more