Perfecting the Art of Water Treatment Execution

An Essential Part Of Our Water Treatment Offering

Griswold Water Systems is dedicated to the best possible execution of our chemical-free water treatment. Human service is a vital link among cooling system equipment, operational practices, and ever-changing conditions. Across the USA, Griswold Water Systems certifies the most talented, committed, and reliable local water treatment professionals to be part of our network. Every WaveTM purchase includes a one-year service contract.

Full Service Professionals

Our Service Partners are Certified on Wave 2.0TM and IntegraClean 2.0TM monitoring, as well as on value-added full service in the form of supplemental chemical treatment. The ability to supply clean & flush of a new system and seasonal lay-up of an existing one, for example, is an essential requirement of a Griswold Water Systems’ Certified Service Partner.

All GWS Water Treatment Includes Built-in Remote Monitoring (In place of “Every Wave”

We believe monthly service by our CSPs is a necessary part of reliably operating a cooling system, but water itself is changeable, and variations must be caught quickly in order to protect a valuable system between human visits. Built into the control panel of every Wave 2.0TM and IntegraClean 2.0TM, InstAlertTM provides notification of excursions from normal system operating parameters to reduce the chance of costly upsets. Cellular connectivity to our Certified Service Partners, in-house service team, and Facility Operators allows rapid correction of an incident before expensive problems surface.

Certified Service Partner Discusses His Experience With GWS Water Treatment