RO Skid Package 75 gpm

Griswold Water Systems Commercial Reverse Osmosis Small Footprint Skid RO System that has a Siemens or Allen Bradley HMI PLC UL control panel with remote and network Profinet access. These ASME grade systems are built with the highest quality components Protec Arisawa 8″ Vessels; VFD connected Barrett Feed Pump; Hydranautics Membrane Cartridges; Stainless-Steel high-pressure manifold on feed side. The frame is standard in powder coated steel but it is available in 304 or 316 stainless steel. Valve actuators and proportional control valves throughout the remote access automated system. Point lifting eyes for overhead lifting and forklift capable skid

Higher pressure and lower flow model is available for more brackish and sea water supplies.

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