Our Valuable Team Members

Michael Patton

When not assisting domestic and international Reps, or serving on important ASHRAE committees such as Standard 188, Michael Patton enjoys skippering any type of yacht or dinghy in Long Island Sound.  Contact him at:

cell: 860.805.8594
e-mail: mpatton@griswoldwatersystems.com

Markus Reichert

Regional Manager Markus Reichert enjoys working with his reps in the Midwestern/Southern states and Latin American countries. He maintains his strength with Triathlons and finds his Zen in restoring old motorcycles. Contact him at:

phone: 281.419.8818
cell: 936.718.7097
e-mail: markus@griswoldwatersystems.com

Dan Daniel

Regional Manager Dan Daniel is an avid fisherman, which takes a lot of discipline and creativity to figure out how to catch them. You can count on his dedication to always help his Reps and their customers find a way to reel them in. Contact him at:

cell: 925.784.8862
e-mail: dan@griswoldwatersystems.com

Mike Jakubowski

Chief brush-fire fighter and water treatment expert Mike Jakubowski will get to know you as Project Service-Manager. During down time, he’s an avid Pool-Player, a Plein-air Painter, and apparently is only interested in Pastimes beginning with the letter “P”.  Contact him at:

cell: 386.589.3657
e-mail: mike@griswoldwatersystems.com

Janeen O’Connell

Operations Manager Janeen O’Connell is a Jill-of-all-trades and has mastered the arts of customer service and administrative support.  In her off hours, she enjoys spending quality time with her family, is an avid football fan, and enjoys fishing and kayaking.  Contact her at:

phone: 386.255.3909
cell: 386.212.0314
e-mail: janeen@griswoldwatersystems.com