Griswold Sand Filters provide factory-assembled water filtration of the permanent media type for removing contaminants from cooling towers, condensers, chillers, and /or heat exchangers recirculating water.

Our Sand Filter Systems are designed as self-contained units for basin cleaning. Models are compact, durable, economical, and effective filtration packages.

Each Sand Filter is complete with its own pump (end-suction pump for flooded suction and self-priming pump for negative suction), pipe manifolds, pressure gauges, and basket strainer. The Sand Filter has a pump control panel and a PLC timer purge controller.



  • Reduces solids and fouling problems in cooling water system piping and equipment
  • Reduces labor costs associated with manual cleaning
  • Improves performance and efficiency of heat transfer equipment
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Reduces environmental impact associated with (and minimizes discharge of) solids and chemicals into sewer stream
  • Helps control growth of bacteria
  • Removes light organic material such as pollen


  • Chilled Water A/C Systems
  • Industrial Cooling Towers
  • Evaporative Condensers
  • Irrigation
  • Waste Water
  • Pre-Filtration

How it Works

Fluid enters the upper body in a rotational direction, enabling the dirt/contaminants to continuously rotate with the water. This prevents the solids from blanketing the top of the media, keeping it fluidized at all times. Since fluids are not agglomerated, the filtration cycle is longer, and the backwash cycle is shorter for economical operation.