Sump Or Cooling Tower Basin Sweeping System

Griswold Water Systems’ centrifugal separators are designed to optimize settleable solids removal from your water system. Fabricated domestically and built to ASME standards, our stand-alone separators and separator systems, complete with pump, pump control panel, piping pressuring gauge, and basket strainer (standard on High Head Systems), are ideal for a range of applications where filtration is required for 40+ micron-sized particles. Designed for either full-flow or side-stream installations, our separator systems are designed as self-contained units that can be combined with basin sweeping systems. Built around our dual stage High Efficiency Separators, Griswold’s CSS (Auto Purge System) and CSR (Closed Solids Recovery System) models are compact, durable, economical, and effective filtration packages.

Our CleanSweepTM Centrifugal Separator Systems maximize particle removal with low pressure drop, resulting in significant energy savings compared to a traditional filtration system.


Side Stream Filtration

Self-contained and packaged with its own pump, a Griswold Separator System may be installed as a side stream on the main system. An appropriately-sized model will eliminate the majority of troublesome solids in the fluid stream. The amount of filtration will be based on the desired turnover rate.



  • Reduces solids and fouling
  • Aids in controlling Legionella
  • Increases the effectiveness of all biocides by reducing the amount of organic loading
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Improves performance and efficiency of heat transfer equipment
  • Reduces energy costs


  • Chilled Water A/C Systems
  • Industrial Cooling Towers
  • Evaporative Condensers
  • Irrigation
  • Waste Water
  • Pre-Filtration