The Professional Series Pot Feeders, Bypass Feeders, and Shot Feeders are used for engineered projects. Fully supported by Engineering Specifications, they offer features and performance unmatched in the industry including high pressure ratings, high temperature ratings, optional stainless steel, and optional ASME certification and stamp.

  • Safety Bar ClosureTM – is easy to open with a small adjustable wrench at very low torque. The Griswold Safety Bar ClosureTM is inherently safe. If accidently opened under pressure, the safety bar & lid are securely restrained. This makes it impossible for the lid to fly off and cause damage or injury.
  • The fill opening is a full 4 inch in diameter. Adding chemical products without spillage is easy.
  • Powder coated finish provides excellent protection, much superior to paint.
  • All feeders are available in 304 or 316 stainless steel.
  • Flat Bottom Safety BarTM (FB-SB) feeders and Domed Bottom Safety BarTM (DB-SB) feeders are rated at 320 psig at 250ºF
  • ASME Certified units are rated at 600 psig at 250ºF
  • ASME certified units are available in stainless steel
  • High temperature gaskets (250ºF) are available for any DB-GE feeder.
  • Any feeder can become a filter feeder simply by adding our stainless steel basket and filter bag.
  • Any feeder with a Safety Bar ClosureTM can become a cartridge filter feeder simply by adding our cartridge filter assembly.
  • The short time required to install a Griswold feeder is unmatched in the industry
  • The low torque required to open & close the Safety Bar closure eliminates the need to anchor the ES feeder to the floor.
  • The inlet and outlet 3/4″ valve package (VP-75) is unique in the industry. Each valve body has an additional valve for venting or draining. The VP-75 simplifies installation & reduces the number of installation fittings and joints. A typical installation using standard ball valves will require 4 valves, 10 fittings, 2 unions, and 16 joints. Use of the VP-75 requires just 2 valves, no fittings, no unions, and 2 joints. This saves about $300 in time and materials for each installation.
  • The Domed Bottom Grooved End (DB-GE) feeder is rated at 350 psig at 250ºF


Rugged design with flat bottom for floor or pedestal mounting

  • Three access ports – two on neck, one on side base
  • Safety Bar ClosureTM standard
  • Powder coated external
  • 320 psi at 250 ºF rating


Saftey Bar ClosureTM:

  • FB-2-SB-CS Two Gallon
  • FB-5-SB-CS Five Gallon
  • FB-12-SB-CS Twelve Gallon


Our welded leg mounted potfeeders provide easy access

  • Four access points – two on neck, one on side base, and one under-mounted port for easy drainage
  • Powder coated external
  • Safety Bar or Victaulic cap closure options
  • Safety Bar Closure™ potfeeder rated for 320 psi at 250 ºF
  • Victaulic cap closure potfeeder rated for 350 psi at 250 ºF
  • Specify if Victaulic cap units will be used for high temp applications above 170 ºF


Saftey Bar Closure™:

  • DB-2-SB-CS Two Gallon
  • DB-5-SB-CS Five Gallon
  • DB-12-SB-CS Twelve Gallon
Victaulic Cap Closure:
  • DB-2-GE-CS Two Gallon
  • DB-5-GE-CS Five Gallon
  • DB-12-GE-CS Twelve Gallon

ASME Certified and Stamped :

  • DB-2-GE-CS-A Two Gallon
  • DB-5-GE-CS-A Five Gallon
  • DB-12-GE-CS-A Twelve Gallon


Our Elite series includes a full range of stainless steel potfeeders in various grades, dual stainless/ASME stamped models, and a range of high pressure, temperature threaded closure feeders for applications up to 600 psi at 650 ºF

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