It turns out a Pot Feeder is not just a Pot Feeder

Griswold Water Systems manufactures a complete line of chemical bypass feeders for chemical dosing of non-evaporative water loops. Our pot feeders are all made in the USA to ASME standards and can be purchased with a complete line of interchangeable accessories.

Take a look at the features that make our pot feeders the best in the industry:

  • Safety Bar ClosureTM: easy-to-open lid design with a small adjustable wrench at low torque. The Griswold Safety Bar Closure™ is inherently safe. If accidentally opened under pressure, the safety bar and lid are securely restrained. This makes it impossible for the lid to fly off and cause damage or injury
  • The fill opening is a full four-inch diameter. Adding chemical products without spillage is easy
  • Powder-coated finish provides excellent protection, superior to other products with only a painted finish
  • All feeders are available in 304 or 316 stainless steel
  • Any feeder can become a filter feeder simply by adding our stainless steel basket and filter bag
  • Any feeder with a Safety Bar ClosureTM can become a cartridge filter feeder simply by adding our cartridge filter assembly
  • Installing feeders is fast and easy: low torque opening eliminates the need to anchor the feeder to the floor, and when used with the VP-75 valve package, installation materials include just two valves, no fittings, no unions, and two joints. This saves about $300 in time and materials for each installation
  • Flat Bottom Safety BarTM (FB-SB) feeders and Domed Bottom Safety Bar™ (DB-SB) feeders are rated at 320 psig at 250ºF
  • ASME certified units are rated at 600 psig at 250ºF
  • ASME certified units are available in stainless steel
  • High temperature gaskets (250ºF) are available for any DB-GE feeder
  • Economy Series (ES) available online only for fast delivery