A Unique Offering Provides a Complete Solution

Chemical-free water treatment is attractive to facility managers because it removes the obvious risks inherent in the use, storage, handling, and dispersal of hazardous chemicals. While pulsed-power products are generally successful, operators’ strong desire for a reliable, chemical-free solution to condenser water treatment has been tempered by the stigma of apparent failures. Both chemical and chemical-free water treatment companies have had difficulty with the proper execution of their respective methods. Griswold Water Systems, which has been in the water business since 1936, is in a unique position to identify and SOLVE the issues associated with the complexities of water treatment—and we have.

Water Treatment Problems Can Usually Be Traced to:

  • Incorrect Chemical Dosing: IntegraClean 2.0TM Starts with the chemical-free Wave 2.0TM, so the risks inherent in incorrect chemical dosing and toxic chemical contamination disappear.
  • Poor Operational Practices: Wave’s Electrodynamic Field Generated Electric signal is four times stronger than its closest competitor, therefore much better able to cope with the occasional operational glitch.
  • Ineffective Solids Management: CleanSweepTM basin sweeping uses a proprietary design and GWS brand centrifugal separator to remove solids from the recirculating water, resulting in a remarkably clean system, even at increased cycles of concentration.
  • Inadequate Service: InstAlertTM remote monitoring is included with every Wave 2.0TM and provides a vital information link between regular monthly visits by our professional Certified Service Partners.