IntegraClean 2.0™

Maximize Steady State Operation

Our flagship, integrated water treatment and solids management system for cooling tower use. Incorporates efficient solids management, chemical-free water treatment, remote monitoring, blowdown/conductivity control system, and service.



Effective Solids Management

Our advanced tower basin cleaning system with energy efficient, low-head basin sweepers, a smaller pump package, and our welded solids centrifugal separator with valve actuated purge and timer control panel.



Chemical Free Water Treatment

The most advanced non-chemical system available with 4x the signal strength of the closest competitor, NEMA 4 weather proof, submersible reaction chamber design, and software-based digital processor. Comes with GWS certified service.

Traditional Solids Management

Our broad product line includes sidestream and full flow centrifugal separators, eductor/nozzle basin sweeping systems, and high-end carbon steel sand filters

Sand Filter Systems

Sand Filters designed as a self contained unit for your fitration needs. Models are compact, durable, and effective filtration packages.  Our sand filter comes complete with their own pump, pipe manifolds, pressure gauges, basket strainer, a pump control panel and backwash controller.

RO Systems

GWS’ Commercial Reverse Osmosis Small Footprint Skid RO System has a Siemens or Allen Bradley HMI PLC UL control panel with remote and network Profinet access. TheseASME grade systems are built with the highest quality components.

Custom Pump Skids

GWS’ high quality welding and assembly services, provide an array of custom products including:   enclosures multiple sizes (including NEMA 4, 4X, and 12), Control panel parts such as starters, contactors, HOA switches, disconnects, etc.

Pot Feeders

GWS high-quality, welded chemical bypass feeders are made to ASME specifications and come with premium features including our innovative safety bar design.



All the components your systems need for proper upkeep including cartridge and bag filters, valves, o-rings, stands, baskets, and more.