Press Release
Date: August 3, 2015
RE: Product Upgrades

Griswold Water Systems is pleased to announce substantial upgrades to its core chemical-­‐free water treatment products, for HVAC applications, designed to enhance water conservation and reduce  toxic  chemical  discharge.    Evaluated  as  having  the  strongest  electrodynamically  generated signal in the industry, and the best control of scale and biological life, Wave 2.0™ now includes InstAlert 2.0™ remote monitoring as standard inside every Control Panel. Designed to prevent  system  upsets  that  can  shut  down  or  damage  expensive  cooling  equipment,  InstAlert  2.0™ e-­‐mails owners, operators, and service partners with any deviations from routine operation, to prompt immediate service.

Additional  innovations  mark  the  release  of  IntegraClean  2.0™,  packaged  water  treatment  and  solids management offering, which incorporates the signature Wave 2.0TM non-­‐chemical water-­‐treatment system with energy-­‐efficient CleanSweep™ solids management. The result is comprehensive water treatment and solids management in an enhanced packaged system that facilitates  low-­‐cost  sidestream  installation,  enhanced  solids/sediment  capture  with  reduced  energy consumption, and higher cycles of concentration for significant water savings.

Advances  to  IntegraClean  2.0™  include  a  smaller  footprint  skid  for  applications  with  limited  space and a weather-­‐proof Integrated Control Panel that incorporates, conductivity control (with  thru-­‐panel  touch  pad),  Wave  2.0™    with  remote  monitoring,  and  all  requisite  pump  controls to facilitate single-­‐point wiring and reduce contractor installation fees. Customers who purchase  IntegraClean  2.0™  benefit  from  water  treatment  cost-­‐containment,  steady-­‐state  cooling system operation, and rapid payback in water savings.

Griswold Water Systems brings IntegraClean 2.0™ to market as either a 3-­‐4 year rental contract or for outright purchase. All acquisition options include the only performance guarantee in the industry, which promises to meet agreed-­‐upon performance standards for water treatment or the purchase price of the equipment is freely refunded.

Visit or contact Cat Templeton at:
cat@griswoldwatersystems for additional information.