Saving Water and Dollars

Given how many resources they consume, cooling towers are capital-intensive systems, ripe for significant cost savings. Take a look at a conservative example—a 1000-Ton system—comparing treatment methodologies.

Chemically Treated System with monthly human service


  • Cycles of Concentration: 3
  • Water Purchased: 17.7 million gallons
  • Water Purchase cost: $53,217
  • Water Discharged: 5.8 million gallons
  • Water Discharge Cost: $88,695
  • Water contaminants: 3950 lbs chlorine, 70 gallons biocide, 1000 lbs corrosion inhibitor
  • Service Cost: $8000
  • Sediment Accumulation: 1500 lbs
  • Power Cost to run fans/pumps: $512,460

IntegraClean 2.0TM with monthly human service


  • Cycles of Concentration: 6
  • Water Purchased: 14.2 million Gallons
  • Water Purchase cost: $42,574
  • Water Discharged: 2.2 million gallons
  • Water Discharge Cost: $70,956
  • Water contaminants:
  • Service Cost: $4200
  • Sediment Accumulation: less than 50lbs per year
  • Power Cost to run fans/pumps: $497,086
  • TOTAL ANNUAL SAVINGS: $48,816 or $126,513 if chemical-free blowdown is reused onsite to replace potable water purchased!

*Assumes 1000 Ton system operating year round at 75% capacity. Water purchase cost average $3 per 1000/gallons, discharge cost average of $5 per 1000/gallons, electricity cost average $0.12 kWh.

Additional savings may be realized with Wave 2.0TM water
treatment that are not included in the above estimate:

  • Eliminates special gloves, clothing, goggles, eye wash stations, training
  • Eliminates danger of injury to employees when moving chemical tanks and barrels
  • Eliminates problems with chemical injection pumps
  • Eliminates MSDS records for cooling tower and special hazmat training
  • Eliminates ordering, transporting, and storing of chemicals
  • Reduces time involved in cleaning towers