How Griswold Water System’s Wave 2.0 Works

Did you know that Griswold Water Systems Wave 2.0 has many benefits and
generates savings as seen in this independant video from Air Treatment Corporation,
a long time GWS customer.

Making Water Work

JN Velocity, Honolulu, Hawaii

By using GWS’ IntegraClean 2.0 GWS in collaboration with, Air Treatment Corporation, JN Velocity and Pural Water Specialties is having a positive impact on the environment and maximizing the use of the worlds most precious resource

“Water” the other liquid gold.

How IoT and GWS are Changing the Future of Water

Paul Puckorious, Puckorious & Associates Inc., Denver CO

Ron Hardwick

Water Treatment Solutions, San Ramon CA

Larry Hood, Sr. Construction Project Manager

Volusia County School District, Volusia County, Florida

Rick Ruckstuhl, President

Customers and Consultants

Managing Legionella Bacteria in Cooling Towers

Water Savings with GWS IntegraClean 2.0