AHR 2019

Please visit booth B4447 – All visitors will receive a promo code for 10% off on your next pot feeder order

Where  you will find GWS’ IntegraClean 2.0 skid, which couples the Wave’s superb control of biological life, corrosion and scale with state-of-the-art basin sweeping.


Griswold Water Systems will be introducing its new Custom Pump Skids

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Did You Know…

that Reymsa Cooling Towers, Inc is exhibiting it’s cooling towers at the 14th AHR Expo in Mexico City on October 2nd through October 4th.  Their exhibit features Griswold Water Systems IntegraClean 2.0TM that includes the Chemical Free Wave 2.0 TM Electrodynamic Water Treatment System.

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AHR 2019

Griswold Water Systems is headed to Atlanta, Georgia to exhibit our chemical-free water treatment at the World’s largest HVAC Marketplace. This premier event of the HVAC industry is expected to attract over 2,100 exhibitors and 65,000 attendees which provides plenty of opportunities to increase business connections and SHOW DATES:

resources, while maintaining exclusive focus on HVACR Technology and Innovation.

Please visit booth B8447 where  you will find GWS’ IntegraClean 2.0 skid, which couples the Wave’s superb control of biological life, corrosion and scale with state-of-the-art basin sweeping.


2019 AHR Expo


Mon., Jan. 14, 10am – 6pm
Tues., Jan. 15, 10am – 6pm
Wed., Jan. 16, 10am – 4pm


Georgia World Congress Center
285 Andrew Young Intl Blvd NW
Atlanta, GA 30313
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Full Service Fabrications and Welding

Did You Know…

That Griswold Water Systems is also a full service fabrication/welding shop with ASME certification and a uL certified panel shop to 508A standards. We’ve been in business for more than 25 years to support each customer’s unique delivery and costing objectives with either custom or volume produced throughput.

Our high quality welding and assembly services, provided by seasoned employees, support multiple industries including:
  • light manufacturing
  • RV and automotive                                
  • Light industrial
  • Electronics and panel assembly
Weld capabilities to ASME standards include:
  • carbon steel
  • 304 stainless steel
  • 316 Stainless steel
Panel shop capabilities include production of:
  • Time control panels
  • Sequence control Panels
  • Pump control panels
  • Industrial circuit control panels
  • Disconnect panels
  • One-off enclosures or multiple enclosure sizes abailable (including NEMA 4, 4X, and 12)
Purchase control panel parts such as starters, contactors, HOA switches, disconnects, etc.
Custom Duplex Separator System

Call us today to inquire how we may help support your delivery and costing objectives.


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Did You Know…

that JN Velocity, Honolulu, Hawaii uses Griswold Water Systems IntegraClean 2.0 Non-Chemical Water Treatment

Griswold Water Systems in collaboration with, Air Treatment Corporation, JN Velocity and Pural Water Specialty Company is having a positive impact on the environment and maximizing the use and re-use of the worlds most precious resource “Water” the other liquid gold.

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Did You Know…

  • That GWS manufactures the most user friendly and durable chemical bypass feeders on the market.

  • Contractors, Water Treaters and Maintenance Crews LOVE them!


   Safety bar closure
  Simply convert your feeder into a filter with a drop-in cartridge or filter bag.  Eliminating the need for multiple systems
  Multiple 3/4″ NPT access ports for use with our complete range of accessories
  Easier and safer to use with low-torque head removal, allowing for safe introduction of chemicals
  No spill, no mess, mo special tools


   2, 5 and 12 gallom
 Heavy gauge steel construction
 Powder coated finish
  Industry leading pressure rating of 350 psi at 250 degrees F
  Optional ASME coded vessels, 600 psi at 250 degrees F
  Also available is the DB-5-1THD rated 600 psi at 650 degrees F
  Industry leading pressure rating of 350 psi at 250 degrees F


Helpful Pot Feeder Documents:

GWS-1005 Pot Feeder Data

GWS-1172 Pot Feeder Catalog

Please visit our website for more information: www.griswoldwatersystems.com




The Economy Series Pot Feeders, Bypass Feeders, and Shot Feeders, at web competitive pricing, are
ideal for the aftermarket where cost considerations are paramount.

The Economy Series may be purchased from GWS’ webstore: GWS Pot Feeder Store

 No Discount Available for Economy Series

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Cooling Tower Seasonal Start-up

Service Corner

Cooling Tower Seasonal Start-up…

Water remaining in idling cooling systems over the winter months tends to lose oxygen, supporting injurious corrosion and bacterial processes. Hopefully, the system operator took preventative measures in the fall by reviewing and implementing the suggestions provided in our bulletin: Seasonal Shutdown in Northern Climates.

  • Inspect the tower sump and distribution pan for large debris
  • Repair any lubricant leaks present in the fan and gearbox
  • Use a hose to rinse out airborne dust and soot collected while dry (clean if necessary)
  • Notify the Certified Service Partner of the intended fill date
  • Inspect outdoor water-filter systems for freeze damage
Upon filling the tower, a precautionary slug-dose of a chemical oxidizer such as chlorine, bromine, or peroxide by the CSP will get the system off-and-running with low bacteria counts – which of course, the Wave will maintain without chemical additions throughout the operating season.

In the days to weeks following start-up, remember to inspect the system for iron-throw; chips of iron-based tubercles that form in stagnant pipe or cleave from formerly air exposed piping. They can cause overflow in the hot-water distribution pan (hot deck) or limit flow in spray nozzles.

Having the CSP onsite for the seasonal start-up provides the opportunity to review the conductivity set-point determined by the latest makeup water analysis (mineral content fluctuates seasonally in many locations). Keeping the water system operating above Saturation aids in maintaining corrosion-bio-scale control with optimum water use efficiency.

Next month’s topic: New project start-up prep. Have a suggestion or request, drop Mike Jakubowski a line, mike@griswoldwatersystems.com



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