Aquasana Claryum Direct Connect Review

aquasana claryum direct connect

Aquasana is the producer of some of our all-time favorite under sink filters. And their new Claryum Direct Connect has the same excellent certifications as their larger systems, in an easier-to-install package. In this Aquasana Claryum Direct Connect Review, we’ll weigh these big pros against a few flaws, and give a verdict on who this … Read more

Water Filter Micron Size

micron size

Spend enough time researching and comparing water filters, and you’ll come across the oft-advertised micron. But what exactly is a micron, and what does it mean for your water filter?  We’ve collected a selection of the most frequently asked questions about water filter micron size. We’ll translate the answers into plain English to help make … Read more

Why (And How Much) You Should Know About Water Filter Certifications

nsf ansi water filter certifications

When our team of reviewers is looking at a new water filter system, what do you think we check for first? It’s not the price, or the build quality, or even the ease of installation. It’s the filter’s certifications. Two governing bodies are in charge of providing certifications for water filters, and they’re what separates … Read more