Griswold Water Systems water treatment Wave 2.0 and IntegraClean 2.0 products not only controls scale, fouling, corrosion and microbial life but conserves water and energy.  This article by Frank Morrison published in the August 2015 ASHRAE Journal lays out a good case to always attempt to maximize cycles of concentration at your plant.  You can find out more of how GWS water treatment and filtration products increase cycles at

Frank Morrison, Member ASHRAE

About the Author
Frank Morrison is manager, global strategy at Baltimore Aircoil Company in Jessup, Md. He is past chair of ASHRAE TC 3.6, Water Treatment.

Saving water with cooling towers. At first glance, this statement seems counterintuitive. Cooling towers save energy but aren’t they major users of water? This article will help readers understand the critical role evaporative heat transfer systems play in a sustainable environment, explore how water is consumed in such systems, and review the strategies that help minimize the use of both water and energy.



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