Water is the lifeline for virtually everything.
Within the built environment, the Earth’s most abundant resource serves as the critical element from the production of materials to helping generate the energy necessary to produce those materials.
In recent years, headlines have been filled with stories about water shortages worldwide, including in California and Georgia. The situation has been even worse in Flint, Mich., where poor quality has seen supplies tainted with lead and a number of residents falling ill from consumption of the poisoned liquid.
With those issues and more facing today’s society, the U.S. Green Building Council on Monday, Oct. 4, convened the first Waterbuild event – a prelude to the annual Greenbuild Expo in Los Angeles – to begin exploring ways in which those in the green building industry can spur conservation efforts and improve water quality globally.
Brendan Owen, chief of engineering for the USGBC, spoke about the inaugural Waterbuild, it’s intent and the potential impact such activities can make.

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