Chemical-Free Water Treatment


Protecting Resources


Safeguarding Equipment


Enhancing the Bottom Line

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Saving water on your cooling system is not only good business;
it’s the right thing to do.

Aquifers and wells are drying up. Pollution still takes a toll on our rivers and streams. Water purchase and disposal costs are rising. GWS is dedicated to helping every customer maximize his or her cooling water use and reuse.



  The Complete Solution

Only IntegraClean 2.0TM water treatment is engineered to promise meeting specific cycles of concentration


Clean Means Efficient

Dirt is inevitable. A dirty cooling system is not. Tough filtration is married to CleanSweepTM basin cleaning for a uniquely superior solution


Closed Loop Treatment

GWS high-quality, welded chemical bypass feeders are made to ASME specifications and come with premium features.

Service Two Layers Deep

GWS relies on both our network of Certified Service Providers, and remote monitoring built into every system


Wave 2.0TM Technology

Non-chemical water treatment that controls scale, biological life, and corrosion in your cooling system better than traditional chemicals


Environmental Benefits

Keeping chemicals out of the environment and using water wisely are but two ways we protect the earth’s water and promote sustainability

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How IoT and GWS are Changing the Future of Water

The average GWS customer conserves an average of 17% to 28% of total cooling tower water consumption – millions of gallons of water per year. The IoT system sends instant notifications which enable rapid response to a water treatment problem within the cooling system – preserving those savings in the event of a system excursion.

Why Choose Griswold Water Systems

  • Wave 2.0TM controls scale, corrosion, and biological life without hazardous chemicals
  • IntegraClean 2.0TM both treats condenser water and manages solids to allow unparalleled water savings – guaranteed
  • Powerhouse Electrodynamic Field Generated Signal allows cost effective side stream installations and impeccable biological control
  • InstAlertTM Remote Monitoring catches excursions from operating parameters before damage occurs – and is built into every system