Reliable Water Treatment Without Toxic Chemicals

System Stability Maximizes Cooling System Performance

Cooling systems use a significant amount of water, requiring reliable treatment. Wave 2.0™ water treatment supports stable system operation, prevents mineral scale, keeps bacteria, biofilm and pathogens under control, and permits cooling system operational practices to inhibit corrosion.

Remote Monitoring Included at No Charge

Water, and the system it flows through, needs watching, so every Wave 2.0™ includes InstAlert 2.0TM remote monitoring to augment our professional Certified Service Partner network.

Beyond Pulsed Power With Electrodynamic Field Generation

Griswold Water Systems uses electrodynamic field generation to create uniquely effective electric fields in the flowing water of a cooling system. This digital technology far surpasses the voltage pulses created by yesterday’s circuitry. Our innovative, micro-processor-based Wave 2.0™ poduces electric fields that are significantly more stable and reliable than those created using pulsed power. Wave’s 2.0™ induced signal:

An Elegant Scale Control Process



  • Creates stable electric fields that are orders of magnitude more potent than other technologies
  • Allows for routine Wave 2.0TM application as a low cost side-stream; excellent for retrofit applications
  • Produces never-before-seen excellence in biological control
  • Included InstAlert 2.0TM remote monitoring provides early warning of system upsets
  • NEMA 4 Control Panel’s unique electric signal comes from Electrodynamic Field Generation
  • NEMA 4 Wave 2.0™ Reaction Chamber with unitized flanges, fiberglass construction
  • AutoSeek software allows compromised signal to be reset in field
  • Shop durable construction
  • UL approval all sizes
  • Energy-efficient design, system runs cool, no fear of meltdowns, no interlock with circulation pump, less line feedback interference


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