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Stability Through Service

InstAlert 2.0™ remote monitoring included, to catch system excursions between regular monthly service visits.


The Complete Solution

IntegraClean 2.0™ water treatment means excellent scale, bio, and corrosion control in a stable operating environment.


Wave Technology

When minerals concentrate, electrodynamically-generated electric fields create powder rather than scale.


Saving Many Ways

High cycles of concentration and water reuse permit enhanced water efficiency and significant savings.


Clean Means Efficient

Dirt is inevitable. A dirty cooling system is not. GWS unique solids management designs are the answer.


Our Pot Feeder Line

Visit our on-line pot feeder store to purchase these heavy-duty workhorses, used in closed-loop water treatment.

Managing Legionella Bacteria in Cooling Towers

Why Choose Us

  • Controls scale, corrosion, and biological life without hazardous chemicals
  • Strongest Electrodynamic Field Generated Signal allows side stream and large system applications
  • Included InstAlert 2.0™ Remote Monitoring catches excursions from operating parameters before damage occurs
  • Capital-Free Service Contract allows Wave 2.0™ and IntegraClean 2.0™ acquisition on a monthly budget plan

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